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Time for this again! :) Since I'm using pretty much the same characters as last year, I'll also be throwing in optional "hardmode" versions of them to mix it up a bit, which would involve a bit of designing on your part.

1.) The Dirge Singer

He looks like this. A favorite NPC who I've recently started playing in a separate game.

He's a Midnight caste Abyssal of the First and Forsaken Lion, renegade today and everyday. Has some lingering angst issues after people did some things and then he did some things, but he's trying not to let it drag him down too much and is doing his best to make amends. He's also a genius with the violin (and voice, as the title would suggest), and none too shabby with his reaper daiklave, which looks more like a rapier than the book illustration. Depending on game, he's either a hero to the south, or desperately trying to prevent Gem from being exploded.

Coloring is standard Abyssal - blackblackblack, white skin, grey eyes. The hat is required.

Hardmode: Robo-Dirge!

In our primary game, the Autochthonian people managed to get ahold of his body as he was dying. Since he'd been a hero to them, they decided the appropriate thing to do was to quickly hammer a soulgem into his head and hope for the best.

Well, it worked, and when he died they took his artifacts and forged ROBO-DIRGE, who, after going rogue from Autochthonian because of course he did and have these people learned nothing??, was able to regain many memories of his previous Exalted life and get right back to carrying out his unfinished missions.

He also cooks a mean bacon and eggs.

Robo-Dirge has only somewhat been drawn, but our ST says that he looks like the canon Soulsteel caste, except smaller/more slender overall (built for speed dexterity, not power - basically, all the armor plating can be somewhat readily concealed under a cloak). He also uses a beam-version of his old daiklave, occasionally switched up for an Essence cannon. BOOM!

As Robo-Dirge, instead of a helmet he shows his "human" face (and hands), which has been carefully reconstructed to look exactly as it did in life. Reference here, although note that the circuit marks were something I added and not an actual thing he has.

2.) Grei, Six-Winged Son of the Dragon, Lord of Mejija, King in the East, Chosen General of Sol Invictus

You know, Grei. Better hair reference. He a Dawn caste son of a Fire Aspect, one time leader of a mercenary clan until he was run off and fled with his remaining loyal men and wound up in the south. Since then he's found his responsibilities really ramping up, and went from becoming the governor of a small trade town to being a noteworthy figure in Rathess, charged by the Unconquered Sun to forge the Dragonblooded host into an army under the Solars once again.

He is a horseman and a fatherly figure, primarily trying to encourage the Solars to stick together after the murder of the Unconquered Sun. He and his Circle are spearheading the efforts to strike down the Yozis' plot, serving somewhat as referees/directors in the midst of all this Exalted chaos - he both hates and loves it. It keeps him away from his mortal son, and away from his mate (Anja Silverclaws) who has another role to play in all of this - but he's never doubted that it's what needs to be done.

His coloring is simple - he's somewhat of a pale northerner, and blond. For his clothing he favors earthy tones - a lot of browns and tans. And of course gold. He fights with a grand grimcleaver.

Hardmode: Evil Grei!

Ever since being ousted from his clan on allegations of being a demon Anathema, Grei has been haunted by nightmares of an "other" self. He has a lingering and rather illogical fear that he'll be twisted against the group somehow, or end up betraying them. This figure taunts him, threatening his eventual fall and telling him that he's undeserving of being a Solar. Grei once spotted this figure in waking life upon catching a reflection of himself in obsidian volcano glass.

Evil Grei is basically an Abyssal palette swap of normal Grei. He's also everything Grei isn't - where Grei is temperate and reserved, evil Grei is vicious and angry, and so on. He frequently appears to be in half Abyssal anima, covered in blood with fangs in evidence.

3.) The Artisan of Flesh and Bones

A Daybreak caste Abyssal, formerly under the Walker in Darkness, more recently under the Mask of Winters. A genius necrosurgeon, he's one of the few Daybreaks that our Circle has left alive in the entirety of the north and south, and, as such, is in high demand lately. The Green Lady herself seems to have taken an interest in his doings.

In spite of such credentials, the Artisan is rapidly losing his mind. He created a formidable enemy for himself by grafting a mysterious magical metal into a Dragonblood, basically turning the kid into a Terminator that apparently wants nothing more than to stalk him, humiliate him, whittle away at his sanity, and eventually kill him. Unsurprisingly, the Artisan wants none of these things. So he's going about his business, trying to find ways to keep his foe at bay and hide the fact that he's not quite as stable as he used to be, these days.

The Artisan is incredibly proud and arrogant, more comfortable around the dead than around mortals (who, by and large, he assumes to be entirely useless). His iconography tends to be that of a plaguebird/raiton, and his artifact mask, when not attuned and not shaped to affect his appearance looks like a Soulsteel plague doctor's mask. His coloring is also standard Abyssal.

Hardmode: Blasphemy Level: Holy Shit

Artisan gave himself an extra pair of arms. Yes, he does put himself on-level with the gods, and in spite of the arms being mostly a utility thing, he has a smug sense of satisfaction in taking on an appearance that mocks the Unconquered Sun's.

Hardmode 2.0: Artisan, You Crazy

So, he really wants to be a Deathlord someday. This is a "Go wild!" option, because I have literally nothing designed for this.
shiftingpath Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay I'm actually laughing so much at your Hard Mode challenges
silverwinglie Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I so badly want to run an AU where Grei is evil and Artisan is the Unconquered Sun, hahaha.
shiftingpath Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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November 24, 2013